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The Mobile Worker & Your Business

Mon Sept. 25th 2017

The smartphone revolution has allowed people to connect to their business data from anywhere. This creates risks as well as benefits.

The smartphone revolution has allowed people to connect to their business data from anywhere. From social media alerts to email, we use our phones for a great deal more than just calling. For many, this means that their work also follows them home, something that creates risks as well as benefits.

Smartphone technology frees people from being tied to a desk. Through excellent apps such as Dropbox for Business, they can continue to access shared files while on site with clients, at sales meetings or when working remotely in other cities. Running Office 365 gives teams gain the benefits of a unified inbox, contacts and calendar, while AirPrint allows you to print documents directly from your mobile device to a printer, again removing the need to be at your desk.

This versatility can improve productivity, response times to either a crisis or opportunities, cut down on double-handling of files and improve team communication. However, team members can lose their phone (placing the privacy of your business data at risk). They might also resent, and suffer burnout from, having their work follow them everywhere they go - including the implications for privacy that location tracking introduces.

There are solutions to these issues, both social and technological. As an example, Dropbox allows you to remotely remove data from a mobile device should it become compromised. Teams should be aware of data security issues and how these fit into the systems and software they run on their phone, and having sensible HR policies in place can offset any social concerns.

While Soho Systems can't help with the HR side of worker happiness and productivity, we can certainly help with the IT, helping your business coordinate the use of IT across both desktop and mobile, and putting measures in place to keep data secure and backed-up. Contact us today to begin exploring the possibilities.

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