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Protect your business from Ransomware

Thu July 6th 2017

Don't let Ransomware hold your business hostage - there's plenty you can do right now to protect yourself, and your computer network, from malicious attack.

In the last month a new ransomware virus has been causing problems for many people around the world. We're always ready to assist those who are keen to protect themselves, and we also want to open discussion about proactive prevention measures.

What are Ransomware viruses anyway?

Ransomware is a type of virus that aims to encrypt your files and hold them to ransom with the promise that you will be given the codes to unlock your files if you send an untraceable amount of money to someone overseas. You may be familiar with the viruses Cryptolocker or WannaCry and todays NotPetya viruses, they are all ransomware viruses but differ in their methods of infection.

How to prevent viruses like WannaCry and NotPetya

The WannaCry and NotPetya viruses were created using an NSA exploit that was leaked earlier this year, it focuses on Microsoft Windows systems that are not kept current with their Windows Updates.
So by simply clicking into the Control Panel, then clicking on Windows Update and then updating your computer, you significantly reduce the risk of one of these viruses infecting your system.

If you need assistance with updating

SOHO Systems is happy to provide updating assistance for your machines, please call us on 09-525-0504 or send an email to support@soho-systems.co.nz and we will assist you with this.

Preventing viruses

Due to the nature of viruses it is not possible for anyone to give a 100% guarantee that they will prevent all viruses. What we do is by implementing a range of cost effective solutions that you can pick and choose from, we reduce your risk profile of contracting a virus that could take your business out of action for a period of time. Here are some services we offer right now that can help:

  • Automated maintenance and updating plans
    Our suite of tools regularly checks for Windows security updates (which helps prevents viruses) and cleans out rubbish data with the aim to keep your computer tidy. Included in this package is our standard antivirus product. This product is completely automated and replaces the need for an engineer to manually maintain your machine, saving you and your staff the hassle of someone interupting your work.
  • Firewall with enhanced antivirus features
    Our latest firewalls have antivirus and other security features built in, this option can stop viruses from getting anywhere near your network. In addition we can block websites of your choosing from being accessed from your workplace. In some cases this system can completely pay for itself in productivity improvements of at least 10 minutes per day across all staff at your site.
  • Office 365 with Advanced Threat Protection
    Office 365 comes standard with antivirus and link protection, to further enhance this product we pair it with another great technology called Advanced Threat Protection. This enhancement opens your email attachments on special servers at Microsofts end to basically infect Microsoft first, before you get the attachment. Better them than you :)
  • Desktop antivirus
    Desktop antivirus is your last line of defense. For many small businesses this may be your only line of defense to its important to have the absolute best product if you want to avoid an infection. We have a desktop antivirus product that is designed to help counter ransomware viruses as well as fixing up the damage afterwards should the virus infect your machine. This product is an addon to our standard desktop antivirus, if you are concerned about ransomware and the damage it causes then please get in touch.

If you would like to discuss any of the above please email support@soho-systems.co.nz or give us a call on 09-525-0504
There is no obligation to purchase any of the above, we are happy to assist.

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