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Cloud Servers

Why is there so much hype around cloud servers? Is a cloud server right for your business?

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Cloud servers are a fantastic piece of technology that takes away the hassle of running your own hardware and puts it on a very robust platform using equipment that is beyond the reach of most small/medium sized businesses.

Before recommending a cloud server we discuss some of the following points.

  • What are your business goals and how strongly does your IT play in achieving those goals.
  • What is the impact to your goals by sinking capital into IT infrastructure vs a cloud solution.
  • What impact would there be to your business from 1 day of server downtime.
  • What value do you put on being able to change your server capacity at any time without a costly expense and downtime.
  • How much office space/power does your current IT infrastructure consume and is that of any concern. If these are the sort of question that you need investigated then we can assist you with making a decision.

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