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Online Back-up

If you are concerned that you are not backing up everything in your business, then SOHO System's Protect may be right for you.

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Our system backs up your entire system and stores it automatically in our highly secure online data centre.

This means no more delegating responsibility to your receptionist or office manager to take care of the backup, no more changing or replacing of media, we take care of it for you.

Our system is not just backup, its part of a disaster recovery strategy, should disaster strike your business we can get you back up and running much faster than a traditional backup system, ultimately saving you money.

  • Because we manage your online backup its one less thing for you to be worried about, your online backup will be checked daily.
  • Not just backup, its disaster recovery, your entire system is protected which means in the event of a disaster you get back to work faster.
  • Your data housed in secure New Zealand data centre protected by professional security staff.
  • Fixed cost covers you for any backup maintenance issues, we restore unlimited number of single files for no extra cost.

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