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Business Broadband Packages

Does your business depend on the Internet? If it does, don't choose a provider that sticks residential and business customers on the same network to save money.

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By choosing a SOHO Internet service you receive an unclogged Internet service that is fast and reliable.

No bill surprises

Tired of getting charged extra or being slowed down during those busy months? All Internet plans are unlimited which means you can download as much as you like and never have to worry about your Internet bills or performance again.

Need guaranteed Internet?

If your business requires the Internet to be up with no excuses, our dedicated HSNS Internet plans offer the highest uptime possible. Whether you have servers that remote staff need to access or huge files to send over the Internet, our dedicated plans give you the speed you require.

Upgrade your international data speed

If you need to be first in line to send your data internationally we can make it happen. By choosing to supercharge your international data with us we specially tag your data to be sent first. This means files will be sent and received quicker and cloud services will be more responsive.

We put the ULTRA in Ultra Fast Broadband

We specialise in ultra fast broadband, copper technologies and other premium fibre products. We can assist in the installation and network configuration and ongoing support of your new Internet connection.

The services we provide are:

  • ADSL (This is your standard Internet connection)
  • VDSL (This is the best value copper technology available)
  • Ultra Fast Broadband (Also know as UFB)
  • Dedicated HSNS Fibre (For corporates and business that require the best the Internet can deliver)
  • Wireless solutions for cafes (Would you like free Internet with your coffee?)

Lowest ping means you respond quicker

We aim to have the shortest path to the greatest number of content providers and data centres possible. This means you receive fast responses to your Internet based applications. Ping is the term for the time it takes for your computer to get somewhere and back, by lowering your ping we increase your Internet responsiveness.

If you work in the cloud or have an application that relies on fast Internet, seconds do matter. By using a low value Internet Service Provider you may be harming your productivity, eliminate Internet response issues with an ultra fast broadband solution.

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