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Client IT Support

Our installation and maintenance services are provided at the highest levels and are vital to users of computer equipment and peripherals.

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Need help with your PC/server right now?

Got a tricky problem with your IT and need help now? We can help. SOHO Systems has been supporting Auckland IT since 1995, this means you can be assured that you will receive fantastic support at a great price.

Thinking of changing IT companies or just want a second opinion?

If your current IT support is just not working out for you, we are experienced helping you make the move. When moving to SOHO Systems' IT Services we check over all your systems to make sure they are secure and well documented.

Fixed price or pay as you go? Your choice

If unexpected IT bills are causing you stress, we can help. We help you maintain your IT systems at their best performance at a fixed price. Our globally recognized suite of software automates your IT maintenance, this means less visits from IT people and less bills. If you can handle the day to day requirements of your business yourself and only need us for those tricky problems just give us a call when you need us, no contract required.

Deal with problems easily

From the time you notify our support team about a technical issue, we can provide immediate troubleshooting and consultation over the phone, or, if the problem requires onsite assistance, we notify your primary support engineer. Contact us for more information on our telephone support services.


Maximise your system speed and performance

When you think network maintenance, you probably wonder just how necessary it really is. Unfortunately, networks are not yet advanced enough to look after themselves. Unless they are kept in good working order, problems can develop that disrupt your crucial business functions.

Considering that every minute of downtime or reduced performance is money wasted through lost productivity, it makes sense to keep your systems operating at peak efficiency. SOHO Systems offers scheduled weekly/monthly maintenance of all systems we install. During maintenance, we also monitor your network for any problems.

Remote IT Support

TeamViewer is a simple, fast and secure remote control application we use for remote IT support. The client is available from our downloads section, or you can click on the TeamViewer icon below. We use TeamViewer for the following scenarios.

  • Give ad-hoc remote support to or customers.
  • Administer Windows® server and workstations, including 64Bit windows and Windows 7.
  • Share your desktop for online-presentations or collaboration.

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