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Computer Network Security

As electronic networks are continually expanding with new intranet and extranet applications, strong emphasis is being placed on technologies that prevent intrusion, protect data, and remove network vulnerabilities.

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These technologies are sealing the gaps as fast as the hackers and virus creators are discovering them. SOHO Systems provides computer network security solutions to protect your valuable data from security breaches, ensuring your information remains accessible to those who require it.

Step 1: Identify computer network security requirements for your business

Our security consultants work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your IT infrastructure and security requirements.

Step 2: Pinpoint problem areas in your infrastructure

We review your infrastructure to assess the likelihood of unauthorised access to your data. We then recommend technology to counter any vulnerability and safeguard company information.

Step 3: Implement security technologies appropriate to your problem areas

Using best-of-breed security technologies, we implement a security solution that is consistent with your budget and requirements.

Step 4: Provide advice on keeping your security solution maintained

Our maintenance service gives you regular access to our engineers, who can provide monitoring of your network for vulnerabilities, undertake risk testing, and provide advice on viruses.

SOHO Systems has a strong relationship with Sonicwall, a leading US Firewall / Security VPN appliance manufacturer. With our knowledge in Sonicwall and our networking experience, maintaining a robust secure network is one of SOHO's key networking skills.

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