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Soho Internet Guardian

Need to Eliminate Internet Misuse, Network Vulnerabilities and, Credit Card Fraud?

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Increase Staff Productivity By Eliminating Internet Misuse

  1. Proactively block inappropriate and non work related websites.
  2. Easily identify misused computers.
  3. Easy to read reports showing what websites have been visited, when, and for how long.

An Ironclad managed IT network system

  1. The latest technology in network firewall security systems.
  2. Independently certified system by ICSA Labs for SMB network firewall security
  3. Easy and automated identification and isolation of infectious worms.
  4. Maintains incredible Internet protection, security and simplifies network management.

Protection Against Credit Card Fraud

A world leading, globally supported and New Zealand designed credit card fraud prevention system.
  1. Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to protect customer data
  2. Instant alerts to compliance violations or potential security incidents.
  3. Robust procedures that are globally recognized to ensure once compliant you stay compliant.

Our Guarantees

  1. Hardware Guarantee
    We use only the best quality components to ensure your business network has the highest level of uptime possible.
    By using an automated and secure cloud backup system, in the unlikely event of a failure we will dispatch an exact replica of your system, ready to be plugged in. Mako network appliances have a 40-year Mean Time Between Failure rating.
  2. Support Guarantee
    The needs of your business may change and we will ensure your network can change with them.
    Our team of dedicated engineers will be ready to assist with network configuration changes and liaise with onsite support staff at no extra cost.
    Since our network solution is managed through the cloud, most configuration changes can be accomplished quickly and easily without the need for a site visit and minimal disruption to your business
  3. Money Back GuaranteeWe are so confident you will love what we do, if you are not completely satisfied after one month we will remove our system and refund our charges. SOHO Systems' IT services Auckland supplies, installs and recommends Mako Networks for best network firewall security.

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